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The CFS is a platform for sharing information about family capabilities.  CFS partners are willing to share knowledge and skill to strengthen policy and service delivery to families; by participating in:

  • Information sharing workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Media advocacy 

  • Discussion papers and documents representing family issues 

  • Research and studies on family related matters 

If you wish to share your knowledge and skills with beneficiaries, implementers or stakeholders of the CFS, contact here.

What are African researchers sharing? 

Kezia Ruth October: COVID-19 pandemic affected families globally. Empirical research has been explored to understand the impact of COVID-19 on families across countries, however, there are limited findings of how COVID-19 has affected the daily realities of families in South Africa ......... read more

Babatope O. Adebiyi: World Health Organisation (WHO) reported various pneumonia cases (‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’ [COVID-19]) on 31 December 2019 in Wuhan City, China, which has spread to many countries, including South Africa. In response to this, the President of South Africa declared a state of national disaster on 15th March 2020, .... read more

Gift T. Donga: In a pandemic, such as COVID-19, with every single person struggling to deal with the unknown, it is often within the family that support is found but it is also within the family that circumstances, contexts and behaviours could further drive the pandemic ..... read more

Babatope O. Adebiyi: COVID-19 pandemic has affected many countries around the world, including South Africa. The pandemic has changed many things—the way we live, work, and socialise, as well as family dynamics. The majority of the changes observed during this pandemic have been as a result of containment measures introduced ....... read more

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