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The bridge between the Constitution and our family values has collapsed

Again and again COVID-19 is magnifying the chasm between the Bill of Rights and the values that families are expected to demonstrate. We have been asked by government to go back to our homes, loose jobs and livelihoods, care for the elderly and disabled, teach our children, be patient while many other services are curtailed.

Yet even as we manage families during this difficult time of the pandemic, the bridge made up of institutions and government officials (who do not loose any salary) are looting the state. The term COVID-preneurs has entered the South African lexicon. And even as the IMF loans billions to replace the looted state resources, we are already robbing our children of their future. Now is the time to remind government of the Bill of Rights. Our rights.

"In a society in which the values that guide life are no longer "founded" but simply chosen with subjective options, good life presents itself as an always problematic and somehow

unreachable goal". (Donati, Pierpaolo, 2017; The good life as a sharing of relational goods)

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