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The South African family is defined as and is embracing of not only the nuclear family (mother, father and children), but also single parent, multi-generational, grandparent, same-sex and sibling families. Family is a broad concept; thus pro-family requires being supportive of the range of families within the country context. As rights holders of family policy, the sector also needs to ensure that family needs are part of the current economic debates where the impact on end users somehow gets omitted from planning and budgeting processes.

Economists and policy makers need to be reminded that economic matters cannot and should not be pursued at the expense of social matters. Economic policy that is separated from social policy merely kicks the ball of poverty further down the road. Pro-family policy needs to guide laws, programmes, public interventions and household support to promote and enhance family life, marital unions, reproduction, raising children, intergenerational care and building capability. Families must be supported where they are already thriving, but also strengthened where they are under threat.

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