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Happy empowered women's day ....

So often empowered women talk to empowered women about empowered women on Women's Day. Not a happy state. Happy empowered women are created through generations within family support. Women empowerment starts with girl empowerment. Empowered girls - this is an important discussion and set of actions for family members. Here are some actions that will lead to empowered women:

  1. as a parent, be a presence in the life of a girl eg share your time with her and build her confidence;

  2. encourage girls that they can develop their own ideas eg they have the right to make choices that are different from your choices;

  3. support the education of the girl child eg beyond sending her to school, share ideas and life solutions together;

  4. build her assets eg help her future financial stability by teaching her budgeting and entrepreneurship;

  5. help her delay a future parenting role eg educate her to avoid becoming a parent until she is ready (avoid teenage pregnancy).

And finally empowered girls does not mean dis-empowered boys. Teach girls that empowerment never means power over boys but rather shared roles and vision.

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