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Families have Rights .... and Responsibilities

For many the family is considered a private space. Our group of people with bonds and years of relationships. We make decisions and others should stay out!

But when do others intervene? I heard someone calling into a radio programme to bemoan the fact that nowadays neighbours no longer had the right to discipline the children of the neighbourhood. He had memories of his own childhood being supported and monitored by the elders. In fact he said that were it not for the elder man in his community he would not have completed schooling and gone onto a successful career.

What a beautiful positive memory. Of course others might have very different recollections of others being spiteful, hurtful, abusers and harmful in many ways. What is the line that neighbours cross from supporters to those that harm children? This is also a line that is crossed within families. Family violence is often perpetrated under the guise of "this is our family, this is our private space".

We need more conversation about family rights and responsibilities.

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