Embracing the Tik Tok Generation

In a world filled with dialogues and discourses and debates about COVID-19 through webinars and zoom sessions and microsoft teams the ongoing chatter relating to "weak health systems" and "rebuilding shattered economies" and "prioritising interventions and engaging stakeholders" - the 15 second approach of the Tik Tok generation is appealing.

Every generation of parents has an emerging generation of parents who will be decried and demeaned for being shallow, not serious, not visionary. Every generation thinks that the next generation will amount to nothing. And yet there is always progress. The glass half empty will always point to the erosion of society. The glass half full will always look to newness and innovation and creativity.

That's how I choose to view the Tik Tok generation. A freshness of approach. This is a generation to be embraced. This is the generation who will parent our future grandchildren. The 15 second approach to lip-syncing and dancing might just be an approach to surviving the current COVID-19 crisis and entering a new world order. A continued family life-cycle with an additional Tik Tok approach.

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