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#7 ..... Thoughts on family in less than 100 words

Dakari has the following to say "According to my opinion family is good to have because when we involve  in sickness, accidents and being arrested  or any other hard times in life we need support or care from our families. For example  when you are sick you need family by your side to talk to, to avoid other sickness like depression. It is sad when you disagree in other things you end up hating, fighting or killing each other because of jealousy. That is where I see the bad part of having a family."

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Owethu says family means the base or foundation of all learning, for example learning to love, respect and learning unity with others. Family means acceptance, to be loved for who you are despite all

Kara says that family does not only consist of blood related members but can included extended family members. These are the people that you care for and that love you unconditionally even through ha

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