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#22 Thoughts on family in less than 100 words

Akhona says that family is known to be your mom, dad, sibling(s), grandma, cousin etc...because they are the first people you know as a child and are the first people to love you and accept you despite all challenges. As you grow into your own person you form friendships as well as relationships that become important to you, you consider them all as family except you hand-picked them yourself. Family are the people given to you at birth and people chosen by you as you grow into your own person.

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Owethu says family means the base or foundation of all learning, for example learning to love, respect and learning unity with others. Family means acceptance, to be loved for who you are despite all

Kara says that family does not only consist of blood related members but can included extended family members. These are the people that you care for and that love you unconditionally even through ha

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