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#11 ..... Thoughts on family in less than 100 words

Ntombentle Magazi has the following to say "It is unfortunate that most of our families still live below the poverty line. The condition of well being of most families still hangs in the balance, there is no sufficient food, job opportunities and self employment  opportunities. Physical, emotional and spiritual well being are far to be achieved. As organs of the state we still have to work on these aspects and ensure that we have stable, healthy and resilient families. In the Department we have since developed a Family Based Model which puts the family at the centre of our interventions. You are correct the White Paper on Families should be on top of our desks not inside the drawers."

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Owethu says family means the base or foundation of all learning, for example learning to love, respect and learning unity with others. Family means acceptance, to be loved for who you are despite all

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