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Ms Imelda Diouf

Imelda works as a strategic manager in the areas of human rights and sustainable development; with a particular focus on vulnerable groups within the context of family. She advocates for family strengthening, cohesion and resilience as a key socio-economic stability factor within households and communities.

Adv Molly Malete 

Molly is a family advocate. Her voice and person is recognised one who believes that the capable state starts with individuals and communities who are proactive and agents of change. She is committed to education, training and skills development as a means of empowering individuals and communities. 

Dr Patrick Oreeditse Masuelele

Patrick Oreeditse is committed to gender equality, human rights and sustainable development of families. His research experience on Social Cohesion is linked to a vision of South African communities that co-exist peacefully in a non-racial society, where human potential is harnessed for sustainable development.  

Serena Isaacs foto_edited_edited.jpg
Mr Hubertus von Lindeiner

Hubertus has more than thirty years of experience as a development practitioner having worked in West, Central and southern Africa as a volunteer. He specialises in data and systems management, data analytics and stakeholder liaison. He is passionate about the link between skills training and the world of work.

Dr Serena A Isaacs

Serena is passionate about ensuring that families become resilient in the face of socio-economic challenges faced by communities. As a research psychologist her work is focused on community participatory processes in fostering family resilience. Her teaching and learning philosophy is supportive of next generation family practitioners. 

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