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The CFS recognises that civil society organisations are in most cases totally or partially dependent on development partners and donor funding. The regularity, predictability and sustainability of external funding has a significant impact on the ability of a volunteer organisation to ensure a sustainable platform. The CFS therefore focuses on the following areas: 

  • Community awareness where the the family agenda is rooted in the homes and households; 

  • Financial sustainability through donations and external sources of funds to manage the platform; and  

  • Organisational sustainability where volunteers and partner organisations provide leadership and direction.

Currently all members of the platform are volunteers. All members and associates of the platform volunteer time, services and personal financial resources. This approach strengthens the CFS especially during this development phase when a broad base of stakeholders is required to grow a critical mass of supporters of the family agenda. 

Contact CFS if you want to know more about being a partner, volunteer or partner. 

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