The CFS recognises that civil society organisations are in most cases totally or partially dependent on development partners and donor funding. The regularity, predictability and sustainability of external funding has a significant impact on the ability of organisations to implement programmes. The Centre for Family Studies therefore places sustainability high on the organisational agenda with focus on the following areas: 

  • Community sustainability where the project is rooted in the community; 

  • Financial sustainability and the ability  to survive financially  through external sources and internal sources of funds; and  

  • Organisational sustainability where staff delivery is supported by a capacitated Board of Trustees who can provide leadership and direction, as well as stakeholders that add value to the organisational mandate and vision.

The centre draws on the support of a range of local, regional and international partners and donors including skills sharing, probono support, funding, volunteerism and partnerships. The success of the Family Programme lies in empowered communities and support families owning and giving voice to family needs. Contact CFS if you want to know more about being a resource mobilisation ambassador or the CFS.