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The White Paper on Families in South Africa (2013) seeks to “Improve the capacities of families and their members to establish social interactions which make a meaningful contribution towards a sense of community, social cohesion and national solidarity”. This goal gives additional guidance to the Family Capabilities Programme which recognises the importance of the family as part of human development and thus the need for investing resources to support and promote family cohesion.

Through the lens of family capabilities, as well as family focussed advocacy and research, the Centre for Family Studies, a registered non-profit organisation, continues its work of “building healthy families and communities through its platform dedicated to understanding the key issues facing families.” This is in line with the government of the Republic of South Africa that has prioritised family strengthening within its National Development Plan 2030: Our Future-make it work.

As volunteers, we support a network of organisations and volunteers who can advocate for an interdisciplinary approach towards the family. 

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